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The Elopement Project

By Elizabeth Adams

The Elopement Project is a series of novellas that all stem from the same point in canon: when Lydia Bennet elopes with George Wickham.

I have always wondered why Mr. Darcy came to the inn at Lambton the day he found Elizabeth crying over the letters. What would have happened if he had been a little earlier or the letters a little later?

Was it possible to contain the scandal in Meryton? What would that look like and how would it work? What would it mean for Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth?

Does Lydia ever learn her lesson? I’ve always thought the problem is not that Lydia is more free or socially advanced – far from it. She was simply selfish and unthinking and did not care how her actions affected anyone else. Is she redeemable? Can she grow at all, or is her character fixed as the most determined flirt to ever make her family ridiculous?

Each of these plot lines makes for a great story, but not a particularly long book. So I have written a series of novellas that can be read on their own or together, and they will all be released in July of 2021.

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