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"The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid."
Jane Austen

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Sons of Pemberley

Two generations. Three love stories. One epic family.

The Darcy family is the oldest in Derbyshire, and Pemberley has been their home for twelve generations. It has seen their loves, their losses, their triumphs and heartbreaks.

This sweeping saga of tragedy, devotion, and betrayal—spanning over 25 years and two generations—follows the Darcy family in all its shame and glory.

From Lady Anne’s perfect graciousness to George Darcy’s unwavering devotion, we see the friendships that formed each iconic character and the circumstances that shaped the man we have come to love.

To understand Mr. Darcy, one must first understand Pemberley.


Now Available in Audio

Dodging and weaving her mother’s attempts to get her married off and producing grandbabies as soon as possible, Maggie focuses on teaching and doing fun projects with her students—like sending a box of cards to anonymous soldiers for the holidays. She’s more than a little surprised when the receiving naval officer writes a proper thank-you letter. 

The magic ensues when Maggie writes back. She sees her new pen pal as an innocent diversion—until he isn’t.

Lt. Commander F. Hawkins thinks he’s writing to a sweet little old woman. Little does he know that the woman sending him baked goods is going to capture his heart. 

In a culture of online dating and hook-ups, Maggie and Hawkins find themselves transported through the old-fashioned act of letter-writing. His steadfast earnestness can’t help but appeal. Her charm and vivacity can’t fail to captivate.

They never stood a chance.

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