Sons of Pemberley Released!

Giveaways Sons of Pemberley

Hello dearies! As you have probably seen, Sons of Pemberley is out in the big bad world! It is available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. The paperback is coming soon and the audio book is in production. The fabulous Elizabeth Grace is narrating (she narrated Green Card, Ship to Shore, and Elizabeth: Obstinate Headstrong Girl) and so far I am loving it!

Some of you read along faithfully and commented regularly and I really appreciate it. As a thank you, I’m giving away five copies of the book in your choice of format: Audio, paperback, or eBook. Just comment here to enter. I am not sharing this widely; it’s just for those of you who have gone along on this crazy ride with me.

Also, I could really use some reviews, so if you liked the story, I’d appreciate a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Thank you!!!

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