Leigh Dreyer Launches the Release of “The Flight Path Less Traveled: A Modern Pride and Prejudice Continuation” — Just Jane 1813

This is a reblog from Just Jane 1813.  I enjoyed the first book by this author / in this series (though I’ve heard this one can stand on its own), but I’ll admit that I have REALLY been looking forward to this one because they are officially done with all P&P canon events and now it’s all original. I’m hearing good things and I can’t wait to read it! – EA


by Leigh Dryer Happy Sunday!! I hope wherever you are, you’ve enjoyed some warmer and sunnier weather and getting ready to launch into a great spring season. Speaking of great launches, I’m excited to support the launch of this modern Pride & Prejudice variation by kicking off the blog tour for this book’s sequel. Please…

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Check it out!

From Pemberley to Milton

I could not have been more surprised when I heard a new anthology edited by Christina Boyd was coming out, I haven’t read Rational Creatures yet, but I had to read this one right away! After all, Yuletide compiles different stories during Christmas time and I could let this season go by without getting into this wonderful compilation, especially because it was written by some of my favourite authors.

The anthology is very diverse, you can find in it variations, sequels and modernizations, but all of them portray our favourite characters and have that special feeling that all Christmas romances have, and that transports us into a different reality.

The book starts with The Forfeit, a story penned by Caitlin Williams, and it could not have started better as I was immediately hooked. Everything about this story was perfect, the premise, the setting, the writing. I could not stop feeling overwhelmed…

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Yuletide – How the Christmas Anthology came to life

Check it out! All the proceeds go to support Chawton Great House.

From Pemberley to Milton

deyerGood Afternoon everyone,

I’m sure you’ve seen several posts online about the release of a new Christmas anthology edited by Christina Boyd, and I’m sure you’ve also noticed that all the proceeds of this book will be donated to Chawton Great House, so it will come as no surprise to you that I HAD to talk about it. First because once more Christina Boyd gathered some of my favorite authors, secondly because it’s a Christmas anthology and thirdly because this book was created for a great cause!

Yuletide is currently on my TBR pile and I will start reading it during the Christmas week, which means you may expect a review shortly, but until I can share my opinion of it, I’m sharing Christina’s explanation of how a project like this was built so fast!

We are also sharing a little video that shows you what you can find in this book, we hope…

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Paperback Winners!

Hello, darlings! Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes and kind words. And a HUGE thank you to Rita at From Pemberley to Milton for doing this crazy birthday giveaway with me!

Without further ado, the winners of the signed paperbacks are:

Jennifer Red – The 26th of November

DHolcomb1 – Green Card

Evamedmonds – On Equal Ground

Ruth P Clapp – The Houseguest

Luthien84 – Meryton Vignettes

PemberleyPebbles – Unwilling


What you need to do: Send me an email with your mailing address and the name you want me to sign the book to – elizabethadamswrites@gmail.com . If you’ve already sent it to Rita, I can get it from her.

Thanks for playing, and thank you even more for reading! EA