Green Card

Inspiration for Green Card, things that remind me of the places or characters, and the soundtrack. The song order follows the book – mostly.

Now available in audio book at Audible and iTunes!!

Click to go to Audible

5 thoughts on “Green Card

  1. I just left an audible review. I must confess to have already read the book (I have it in kindle and softback version) before I listened to the audible version – so I was predisposed to not really like the narration – I always prefer to read a book than listen to it. But I got it just as our summer holidays began and listened to the narration over 3 days of long hikes in the Alps near where I live. It was enchanting. Possibly William Harper has ruined Mr Darcy for me forever….

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    • I am so glad you liked it! I felt like I would never find the right narrator which is why I waited so long to have this book recorded. Elizabeth knocked it out of the park.
      She also narrated Ship to Shore and she is recording my newest book, Sons of Pemberley, right now. šŸ™‚


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