Birthday for Me, Present for You!

Hello lovelies! If you recall, there is a Ukrainian tradition of treating others on one’s birthday. Since I am an honorary Ukrainian (thanks to my lovely husband), I follow this tradition.

Last year I gave away a few sets of my entire catalog in e-book. This year, I am giving away 6 SIGNED PAPERBACKS to 6 lucky winners. Just comment here or on Rita’s blog, From Pemberley to Milton.

Rita recently visited the U.S. (she lives in Portugal) with her husband and they stayed with me and my family for a few days. They were lovely houseguests and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching her how to make grilled cheese and talking late into the night about all things Austen.

She has a small obsession with paperbacks, especially if they’re signed, and she left with a haul! Her love of hard-copy books and my love of giving presents (seriously, it’s one of my favorite things to do) inspired this particular giveaway.

There is only one copy of each title up for grabs, so list the ones you want in order. For example:

1: Unwilling 2: On Equal Ground 3: Meryton Vignettes 4: The Houseguest 5:Green Card 6: The 26th of November

We will put all the names in a hat (figuratively) and choose six names. The first gets the book at the top of their list, the second gets the book closest to the top that is still available, and so on.

I’ll personally sign each book with your name and a little message and pop it into the mail. And yes, it is open INTERNATIONALLY. It just might take a while to get there if you are really far away…

Don’t forget to share and good luck!

Rita with books

Rita with her haul. She now has all 6 of my books, signed! She is pure adorable.


20 thoughts on “Birthday for Me, Present for You!

  1. How fantastic that Rita could stay with you, and get to take home some paperbacks!
    I’d love to read: 1. On Equal Ground, 2. Meryton Vignettes, 3. Green Card, 4. 26th of November, 5. The Houseguest, 6. Unwilling.
    Happy Birthday!!


  2. Happy birthday, Elizabeth! I already entered the contest on Rita’s blog but had to send birthday greetings here! Love your writing! Have a fabulous day!


  3. That’s such a great tradition I was unaware of! Thank you for sharing it with us. My list would be: 1. The Houseguest, 2. Green card, 3. Meryton Vignettes, 4. On Equal Ground, 5. Unwilling, 6. 26th of November. Happy birthday!


  4. Happy Birthday, again! Love that tradition! You are one of my very favorite authors, so it’s hard to choose just one book. However, should my hand be forced, I would have to go with “The Houseguest.”


  5. Happy Happy Birthday -thanks for the chance to score one of your books! You are one of my fave writers of JAFF!
    My list would be:
    1. Green card
    2.The Houseguest
    3. On Equal Ground
    4. Unwilling
    5. 26th of November
    6. Meryton Vignettes


  6. Happy Elizabeth!!! You are so generous (we should be the one giving something for you on your birthday). Thank you so much for this opportunity. Such a great privilege for anyone to get one of your signed books. Thank you and B;ess you always!!


  7. OOpppss, I forgot

    1: On Equal Ground 2.The 26th of November 3: The Houseguest 4: Unwilling 5:Green Card 6: Meryton Vignettes

    Thank you again


  8. Happy belated birthday. I hope you got to relax and enjoy your day. My list for your books.

    1. 26th of November
    2. Unwilling
    3. On Equal Ground
    4. Green card
    5. The Houseguest
    6. Meryton Vignettes


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